Nov 1, 2014

land art slide show from NCWCA

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OK they made a slide show for Nov 1 Land Art which I was invited. I could not just post the slide show so I just post their site here.

NCWCA Norther California Women's Caucus for Artのサイトをご覧ください。

Ok I just PC snapshot from the slideshow of the photos that I am in.

I used the place called, "volcano" just because I am inspired by Japanese volcano and also the Ontake san mountain disaster just happened a month ago? about eruption and mount slide and I made the scene out of the concept using sheet of color tissue that made as a strip of paper and connect with shine blue beads that might reflect with the sun. And scrape the dart around it to make lines.
And I happened to have same pink color of an umbrella and a bucket so I put them as implication of Sun and it's reflection.
It means human being cannot fight with the natural disaster but only the sun of god knows. It is like Shintoism or native belief about believing in nature and follow what they are asking to do...


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