Feb 26, 2010

Alex Expressionism figure painting

I painted my partner from photo reference in Expressionism style. I took his photo as a model some years ago for my photo class, when he was visiting me in Japan.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism
F6, 40 by 32 cm. (15.74 by 12.6 in.) on canvas.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism
This is detail shot of the painting where I put sand with gold pigment before painting on the background.

Feb 19, 2010

expressionist study, Feb, 2010

Here are my expressionist study works.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

30 by 23 cm. Acrylic on board.
From my mother's portrait.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

30 by 23 cm. Acrylic on board.
From my mother's portrait. Painted on with palette knives.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism


送信者 FA 310 Surrealism


Feb 12, 2010

Critical Mass_Collage

Critical Mass_Collage
Originally uploaded by Tomoe Nakamura

I am selling my work at the 140 hours site.
"140hours Valentine's Day Weekend Auction"commencing 2.12.10 @9:00 pm EST and ending 2.14.10 @11.59 pm EST.

Under work on paper, you will see this work with other artist works.
140hours works on paper

Critical Mass works on paper, T. Nakamura

"Critical Mass", 2008, mixed media on paper.
Paper size, A4 (21.3 by 27.8 cm) or 8 1/5 by 11 in. pastel, watercolor, newspaper, and origami paper.
Painted on my own photograph "Critical Mass" (the eco generated event in San Francisco)
The event happens every last Friday of the month, in the city of San Francisco, and people riding bikes to replace with a car. They have a regular route so police knew.
I used this image just because this is my favorite and first photo that my art school teacher praised it. But also I also like the composition that everything going to one certain perspective, like there is something towards the end. (good hope)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Feb 2, 2010

140hours auction was hammered


My painting was bid before the auction was closed. Regardess of prices, it was the first art auction officially joined, with formal contract, I enjoyed and had a great experience.

送信者 Mixed Media, 2008

It was tired checking Twitter from across the globe in the different time zone for 50 hours auction time. However, it was not me but the 140hours stuff run the event and help donating money for Haiti earthquake medical fund.

I have been donating my art to different organizations and did volunteer work at art NPO, but this one was the most worthwhile event for me that I could donate my art and promote myself as a professional artist. So it was unexpected encounter that they found me in Twitter, but it was great!!

After all, I can not believe that I talked with art people from New York! Awsome!

It was uprifting event before I will start new art class from today...
Kind of daunting that I will be havng a stressful painting class for another 4 months. Yes, hope make more good painting and sell them! Hopefully. (^_^)

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