Mar 9, 2010

Painting San Francisco Gay Parade Observers

Here is my painting 1.

  Sorry, the white area on the right top is little reflecting. I could not control the light when I took the photo.

  This was the my first large painting, in this class, so it was challenging. It took so much time, and I regret that I choose very complicated subject to begin with. Maybe next time using oil, I will use alkyd so the paint become more bulky. Water-soluble oil became flat after it dried. I never painted figures, but I enjoyed it.

  I tried paper collage, dripping. I painted with a palette knife for the trees to have more organic feel. I painted from the PS filtered reference, so I did not need to think to make abstract too much while painting. 

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

reference photo

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

My Painting, San Francisco Gay Parade Observers
Expressionism, oil on F20 canvas.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail, part of painting on origami collage.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail newspaper as building

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