Sep 5, 2015

アートスペース エディション・シミズ, artspace Edition Shimizu 9, 5, 15

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Spending time at a hotel and the Shimizu Bay in the morning, having lunch at a Korean restaurant, I went to artspace edition again for the workshop.
I arrived 1 hour early, so I help preparing table and just hanging out.

Just making art by putting different stamps and color pencils and pastels on perforated sheets, and also making add and pass mail art for New York. So I have to send mail art to NY.
(I will take photos of my works later...)

I had to kill time for the over night bus, so I was there until about 5 pm, and then left the gallery with Nakamura san and Matsuhashi san, and they invited to have a dinner together.

Everybody making something... 

People in all ages, granpa with grand kids, Tohei san's students, with the school uniforms, other mail artists, neighbors, visitors who came with seeing the newspaper about the John Held Jr. san 's show. 

I wasn't aware with the balloon. That's fun! 

Taking a group shot with people who left at the end before closing the gallery for the day.
See you everyone! 

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