Mar 16, 2010

Ducks in danger.

Here I did the painting for my class last night. I know I should go on layer more, but meeting with the deadline is priority, so I tried as much as I could paint in one day. Amazingly, I have never painted my work in one day, so I feel good. But if I have more time, I will paint over more.

To think about the contemporary was hard. I went to the Contemporary museum in downtown Osaka to visit and see the current Japanese artist works. I don't know my idea is suitable, but I float duck family dolls in the bath tub, and took a bunch of photos. Water was moving with my swirl of hand and fingers, and it was not a really "set-up", but I was seeking for more "happening" that is also a contemporary concept in art.

I see that the half of the bigger duck head is cut out and kind of odd. But actually, I used to take photo of people passing in front of me which include some blurry face in my photo, but I thought that is more realistic than traditional composition.

To me, the concept of this painting is that a family is afraid and run away in a panic with a sadden danger, such as Tunami. The color of the bath tab and water was not green, but I imagined like the ducks are in a pond and choose that color. It is hard to tell, but the bigger duck is carrying a little duck on her back. Which I put one guy on the back while shooting. This is more like abstract realism, and I did not seek to be too realistic, but at least I can understand what they are. Especially, I wanted the background as vague, and gave the brush strokes to convey the mood and speed in blur.

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