Mar 31, 2015

my today's art projects (^_^)

today I made a recycled bird house, did some painting for 2 canvases. 

I spent a lot of time on me-me 's face. 

Mar 26, 2015

swap painting sketch

this is a tiny canvas for "swap painting." just started...

Mar 22, 2015

tumbler cover

I was making a collage for the tumbler cover today. 

Mar 13, 2015

me me & Fred on going

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I think background is done. little more touch up on me me & Fred...

they were like floating but with the collage it looks grounded now. I found alphabet stencils and I wrote their names with pencils and I like it myself... ; )

some of those collage paper coming from French bread plastic package, fast food paper bag (the bag was put printing curving knives but I put them other box) I am glad I had use for it. 


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I was decorated toilet with my photographs and painting during the day... 
I am not good at hanging works but it was fun!


Mar 10, 2015

Eggplants watercolor painting, なすび 水彩画

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Eggplants Green Peppers, watercolor on paper, 2014

20 by 27cm Frame size 40 by 30 cm


Oranges watercolor painting, オレンジ、水彩画

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Oranges was in Art Mania 14’
Watercolor on paper, 47 by 35 cm, 2008, 18.5 by 13.8 inch
Contemporary, still life. High Key, Close-up view.

This is about depicting and metaphor of family relationship like parents stay close together with two children. 2 parents and 2 kids is a typical contemporary family style.

me-me Fred painting on going...

here I didn't like how the car colors turned so I covered with collage cut out and I added paper on other places too...
still not finished yet... 

Peppers watercolor painting 水彩画 ピーマン

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Peppers, 2008 was in YOUnite Tour 2013 – Art Mania
Watercolor on Paper, 2008, 47 by 35 cm (18.5 by 14 in) 

Concept on contemporary realistic close-up still life depicted from my own photograph. It plays of color contrast freshness of nature. These peppers were grown at our little farm.

Mar 7, 2015

Sumo Wrestlers Bowing, 2008 (おすもうさんのお辞儀)

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Sumo Wrestlers Bowing, 2008

Mixed Meida on hand colored, stamped canvas paper
Acrylic, charcoal, conte, gesso
I drew it from the newspaper photo, when the sumo association had cause trouble and wrestlers bowed on the ring. To me it is ironic as traditional sports and it is humor of apology.

25 by 35 cm, (9.84 by 13.78 inches)

Mar 6, 2015


where I make mail art and stamp art and envelopes on the floor next to my desk. 

作品 いろいろ…

still cataloging my past painting for sale 

Mar 4, 2015


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just experimenting using different colors with one stamp

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