Aug 4, 2015

Dojima River Biennale 2015 curator tour #1

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‪#‎トーベヤンソン展‬ あべのハルカス美術館
Tove Jansson show...

‪#‎堂島川‬ 沿いを歩いていたら、オシャレなお店が見えた.何の店だろ?
a building at Osaka city...

The Play 
Artists group from Kansai area, Performance art since 60s 
Rowing handmade boat or a "house" boat and documented with photographs and videos.
I miss performance art in 60-70s, simple but looks fun. 
屋外を舞台に「特になんらかの理由を持たない行為」を行うことを目的としたアーティスト・グループ。1967 年に様々な背景を持つアーティストが集まって関西で結成。

Melanie Jackson The Undesirables
>Mel Jackson has been developing an aesthetic that allows her to reflect on the manner in which she is implicated in the condition of her subjects…
Melanie was at the event and gave a little talk about the work. 

‪#‎dojimariverbinennale‬ Peter Fend born 1950 US lives in NY.
Japan Local Waters, Ecological Self Defense 
He is an artist and built his company about Ocean Earth. Environmental, political, social impact, and he actually go to UN press conference to reveal his idea. So he was joking like President Abe can see his works.
Peter was at the event and gave a little talk about the work. 

>Saimon Fukiwara (born 1982) London, lives in Berlin
British/Japanese artist who grow up with his English mother in the U.K. His works are coming from his identity and social realm.
A recent project, Rehearsal for a Reunion (with the Father of Pottery), after Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada (2011) narrates a process of reparation and re-engagement with his estranged Japanese father, via the medium of pottery.
サイモン フジワラさん、ロンドン育ちの日系人.ベルリン在住
Michael Stevenson (born 1964 New Zealand, lives in Berlin) 
He presents a new installation about the MONIAC a hydraulic device designed by economist Bill Philips in 1949, using a flow of water to demonstrate national economic processes. The Central Bank of Guatemala acquired a model so he included the irony to put the supermarket casher dividers that has their ads on it at the bottom of the machine. 
Michael was at the event and gave a little talk about the work. 
マイケル スティーブンソン 1964年、ニュージーランド生まれ.ベルリン在住

島袋 道浩 (1969年神戸生まれ、ベルリン在住)
Shimabuku (born 1969, Kobe, lives in Berlin) 
Something that Floats / Something that Sinks
Mixed Media 
and my self portrait that reflect on the title of the works on the mirror.
and Dojima river side view from the window of the exhibited room.
(normally use for performers waiting room?)
don't ask me what is art here... lol 

Angus Fairhurst (burn 1966 in Kent England, died in 2008)
collage from magazine with human shape without bodies and texts.
I recall some collage artists works from his works, like Carol White etc... 
アンガス フェアハースト(1966、英国生まれ、2008没)

Yuken Teruya born 1973 Okinawa, lives in New York
照屋勇賢 沖縄生まれ ニューヨーク在住
He manipulates everyday objects, transforming their meanings to reflect on contemporary society and culture. 
cutting tree in Mac Donald bag
photo: by ©Tomoe Nakamura 

Sound of drips of melting ice on metal washtub

Title: Liquidity Inc. 2014
>Hito Steyerl is a German filmmaker, visual artist, and author in the field of essayist documentary video. Her practice uniquely articulates the contemporary status of images, and of image politics, in the digital age.
>ヒト・スタヤルは、映像、美術、ドキュメンタリー映像を手掛けるドイツ人の作家。デジタル時代における、映像が持つ現代的意味や政治性といった要素を、ユニークな手法で際立たせる。グローバルなコミュニケーション・テクノロジー、― およびそれに付随する画像流通を介して浮かび上がるグローバルな関係性 ―、が政治、文化、自意識などにもたらす多大な影響力といった問題が、作品の核心となっている。
Superflex (founded in 1993, live in Copenhagen)
video installation
Flooded Mcdonalds (2009)
どっから水が?とか どこの店舗が撮影の許可をだしたのか?、と素朴な疑問が浮かんだが、それよりも「ファーストフード店」が沈んで行って、ハンバーグやコークや、ドナルドの人形が倒れて流れて行って、壁の「今月のベストの店員さん」、の写真が映し出される、ことに対して、「経済消費活動、ってなんだろう?」というむなしさに襲われた.
写真は映像作品から..©Tomoe Nakamura 
>Superflex is a Danish artists' group founded in 1993. Superflex describe thier projects as "Tools" that works as proposals for social change, inviting people to participate in the development of experimental models that alter the conditions of economic production....

Again Peter Fend work and took Osaka and Kansai area (my area) before leaving..... 
今日のお昼は 堂島リバーフォーラムの BOGART'S CAFE で… 

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