Nov 21, 2010

artist journal cont...

I am still continuing studying about how "artist journal" will look good. As I mentioned in the previous discussion post, I tried using my own photographs, mixed with white gesso and acrylic paints. It was interesting to find that I was able to write with a pencil (by scratching out the paint) while the paint was still wet. In my reference book, it is called as negative stencil.

Nov 20, 2010

Bookmark examples しおりいろいろ

I found these in a Japanese handmade stationary maker book, and I thought about meaning of "bookmark" broader than traditional. She has a thoughtful drawings on the book, so even you cannot read Japanese, I think you would understand.


Different kinds of handmade bookmarks

Instructions how to make them.

Book marks from Tokyu Hands 東急ハンズ

Nov 15, 2010

artist journal ideas

This is just a memo to myself and also just information to you.

I was reading "Creative Wildfire", and it says, about interview of Brenda Beene Shackleford, "Do what interests you - don't worry about what everyone else id doing or about the hot theme... don't use an image or style of collage just because it's popular with the masses. The quality of your art will show through if it's truly from the heart. When you create something you love or that holds interest for you, it speaks to others." 

When I read it I thought of using my own photography for my pages. Besides class stuff, I take photo at a day outing and on traveling. I have been doing travel photography since 1995. I mean when I started taking photographs with a single-lens reflex camera (SLR). The schools work has been busy, but I have been editing my past photos on Photoshop while I am on a computer. I have been posting my photos on online photo sites, but I did not print out my photographs lately, unless using for my painting or giving to someone. So I thought that I should print out my photographs and collage with other paper and mixed media. That would make my page "truly from the heart." I would still want to present photographic works with traditional way, but I am also interested in making art out of my own photographs. 

Another thought, is about language. I am able to write both Japanese and English, but Japanese off course comes more naturally, so I think I will use more Japanese (my own writing, or other collage). And I think artist journal should be more intuitive than other genre of art. And a journal is a diary to put your thoughts from your daily life or traveling. So I should be able to continue doing even 10-30 minutes in one day, than thinking too hard what to write or create and get tired of continuing.  If the concept of the page is not clear to you. I will translate and explain the meaning.

Here this is my teacher, Christine Rolik response to my ideas.
I think it would be great for you to make a daily practice of working in your journal, and using your photography makes perfect sense. It's also a resource you have available to you all the time, and from the sound of it, you already have a lot to work with. It also makes perfect sense to use a lot more Japanese, since a journal is primarily a private book, filled with your ideas and sketches and artistic experiments. Of course I will be curious about what you write, but isn't it kind of fun to think that your could write your deepest secrets out on the pages, and even though they are in plain sight, if someone can't read Japanese, they have no way of knowing your secrets? I find that fascinating.
I will be curious to see how your collage techniques develop as you introduce more of your photographic work into the mix. There are many possible ways to go here, as well - very clean and precise, very full and layered, and so on. As you experiment and do more, I'm going to ask you to rate your own work as you create it, telling me what you like best, what you like least, and why. I think this will also help develop your eye for composition and materials. Looking forward to seeing more pages!

magnet and slide mounts

A magnet, I was just experimenting a new epoxy glue, how it can show clearly. The result, it got some bubbles, and holes, and the small was strong when mixing two tubes. I will try another clear liquid that you recommended too.
Slide mount, I made another Noh apple image bookmark. The images in the slide mount used to be a part of my digital art works based on concept of "bio technology". It has a sequence of images.

Yujiro Ishihara Japanese famous actor stamp, and I made a magnet from it.

Nov 3, 2010

Bookmark 手作りしおり

Here are few bookmarks. I will make more.
#1 Welcome to Chinatown Bookmark
18.9 by 8.9 cm, recycle paper, ribbon, snack package (in between the ribbon)

#2 Andy Warhol banana bookmark
18 by 9 cm 
I had it with the Andy Warhold bag, but the chain that came with was cut out and gone, so I just kept it, and I re-made it as a bookmark.
For the backside, plastic bag of French bread, design tape for covering the edge, Japanese paper as ribbon, sand medium (for acrylic painting) for the texture of the bookmark surface. 

#3 Slide mount bookmark
1 - wrapping paper, stamp, fishing string
2- ink jet photo print, (cur parts of my digital art that I used to print on postcard sized paper), ribbon from chocolate box. I am thinking to make the series (set) of this as many as cutting all the photo image. I was going to do more of these, but I did not have the time till Sunday. I will show it again, when I finish the other ones. 

Bookmark is another thing that I can keep on making as a part of my stationary art. But I will now go onto make some bigger project.

Here are more stuff.
A magnet, I was just experimenting a new epoxy glue, how it can show clearly. The result, it got some bubbles, and holes, and the small was strong when mixing two tubes. I will try another clear liquid that you recommended too.
Slide mount, I made another Noh apple image bookmark. I want to make as a set later on...

folding a house study

From my collection of postcard, I found a template of a folding house from Germany. This is not my work, but I just tried to fold and paste the tabs. Basically it is the same folding method to make a paper dice.

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