Jul 4, 2011

Art Diary アートダイアリー

Hello everyone!!

Finally art diary is published and sent to me.
It is thick but less wider, 9.5 h by 22 w cm.
My information is under Japan < other +81 (country code) < artists.
Please check my info in you have one!!

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Art Diary International

What is Art Diary? Art Diary is a handy, pocket-sized volume of approx. 600 pages, which collects up-to-date contact information for over 50,000 artists, critics, galleries, institutions, collectors, photographers, architects, designers, etc. , besides the addresses of all the art services you'll ever need (framing, transport, insurance, etc..), and an improved section with hotels, restaurants, b&b, spa and day-spa.
First published in 1975, Art Diary is today the ultimate art guide, the most useful tool for traveling, communicating, networking, and learning about art. Updated every year with thousands new e-mail addresses.
When is Art Diary published? Art Diary International is released every year in June, on the occasion of Art Basel. You can subscribe to or update your listing in Art Diary International every year between July and March.

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Jul 3, 2011

Critical Mass collage, 2008

Hi, I was featured in the redbubble site.


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