Jul 23, 2007

Intro to Anatomy, #3

Module #4 7/7/07 For #1, I spent much more time for the pre-sketch to be more careful with the proportion and for finding the detail lines and shade than last week. I am still trying to find out which material to use when. I made a mistake that it was the pencil that left the erased lines under the charcoal. Her under left arm became little too dark. I tried but I could not make her eyes like looking down like in the photo. #2, To me shoulder proportion was the most difficult. Until the final stage, I could not get it right. The shape of his ear is difficult to me too. because it looks like a shell, it is on the circular surface. In my image, it came out little smily and looked older than the photo. I don't know if I am doing right, but I just made background dark. Homework #4 is Option #1. I like the left side of the skull (on your right) kind of receeding into the background. But after I finished, I realized that the skull leaning down side a little bit, and neck bones are smaller so that it looks like the skull is almost falling down from the neck. Over all I spent more time for the pre-sketch, and squint my eyes to see more details. I think that my #2 and 3 became much better than last week in terms of proportion and value. Also, with others suggestion, lighter charcaol pencils really helped to contain more value gradation in the images, and I am getting to understand what I am doing. Thank you. I don't have time to re-do EX#1, and will proceed the Module 5. Tomo Thanks for your help. And thank you for Sean. Being specific for the comment really helps. I am not good at figure drawing, so any comment would help. It is hard that we have to do our own and recieve comments half in a time for Summer. I may not be able to make a leap of the improvement, but I think I eventually become able to SEE things that I could not before.

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