Sep 29, 2010

Mac Bag Envelope

Mac Bag Envelope, the envelope made with Macdonald paper bag and hamburger wrap.
12.5 cm hight by 16.8 cm width 
The Mac Donald bag is thin so I pasted the hamburger wrap (I kept after I eat, and cleaned with dish soap) on the back, and then cut out with the shape of the template and fold as an envelope.


  1. You really are a recycler. I would never think of saving the wrapper as well as the bag. I'm impressed!

  2. Thank you for coming and post your feedback mim. Yes, I did always throw away at a store after finished eating, but when I took the burger home, and looked at it, it also has a nice design, so I felt like using for something. Some Japanese chocolate bars in a whole bag has a cute character designs, and I am keeping to use for something too~.

    I both concern about saving the environment and also make a living with whatever I make. So I figured recycle art (craft?) would be a good idea.


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