IUOMA mail art to 4/2015

Anything that related to mail art, my works, exchanging with others, and competition.

To some people....

To Bihidus Jones

To Arctic Dreamer

1st International Photo Based Mail Art Exhibition "The Other"

My own photos and collage. 

To Sherri Ayers

past mail art from Guido Bondioli Guido Bondioli 
it's actually add and pass so I will add and send to someone...

past mail art from 5BLANKS

J-f Chapelle past mail art

past mail art from Jon Foster USA

mail art JF Chapelle 2012

Patrick Lafcadio Hearn Micky... he was a writer living in Japan. famous for horror stories. there's a museum in Japan.

just made some collage card on rubber stamp practice.

Out going mail to Diane Keys USA

Keroyon frong doll, Japanese snack package, postcard and tea bag...

Past mail art from Sherry Ayers
I really love this collage!

Past mail art from Kris Naylor

Past Mail art from Douglas Galloway from CA USA

mail at out going ... 
Keroyon and other stuff inside (forgot to take photos)

Mail art from Cheryl Penn from South Africa

I added address and stamps etc before sending but I will just keep the record that I just made this envelope today. (Feb 11th 2015)…

mail art from Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece 2012

Mail art from Paul Smith from UK. In return of my Keroyon. ; )

Past mail art from Caroline Krabbe from Spain

Past mail art from J-f Chapelle from France

Heleen Artmail in Netherlands got my frog doll in a paper wallet!

Mail art from Karen Champlin in IL USA

It was sent from Lancillotto Bellini in Italy in January in 2015

Talking about the movie,"Big Eyes" Gina Geo sent me my face that has big eyes... 
My eyes are not that big but it resembles as in impression.

Mail art from Guido Bondioli from Mesa AZ

Past mail art from France 
Don't know who?
I am not good at reading hand writing...

Past mail art from Jan Theuninck the Orthof UFO Barcelona Spain

my photo is not blurry but his photo work is blurry.. lol

Past mail art Moreno Menarin in Italy who sent me Shozo peace head lots of stuff in 2 envelopes!!

Past mail art from Kim Jung Youn in Korea I like her masking tape art...

Past mail art from Helen Lagache in France

Past mail art from Katerina Nikoltsou we were talking that I couldn't make envelope out of corporate store package due to copy right stuff. She suggested that it's I don't sell just exchange that fine, and she sent me Mac Donald package envelope and extra package for me to make. Nice lady... : )

Past mail art from Carla Cryptic Oakland CA USA she enclosed me nice letter.

Past mail
Mail art from Samuel Montalvetti in Argentina

Picasso from IL USA


Black painting on cardboard

For Moan Lisa FB projects

Outgoing to  Lancillotto Bellini 

handmade envelope to heleen de vaan

I am sending a keroyon to Katerina Nitoltsou
I made envelope with tour ads for Nara.

My mail arrived to

De Villo Sloan

He left detailed explanation on my mail.

Jan 8 2015
Just got a notice and link from Positively Postal that he got my mail. Nice!


My photo collage Jan 2015 out going...

Diane Keys, IL, USA

Mail art from Susan macalister from Berkeley CA Susan McAllister

Sharon, from Mexico

Ryosuke Cohen Osaka Japan

Picasso returned envelope 2014

I like the stamp!!

Their older project...

Jennie Hinchcliff from San Francisco USA (old one)

Picasso Gaglione from Chicago USA
Black painting #1

Nikki Soppelsa from Ohio USA

Kim JungYoun

Caroline Krabbe from Spain

mail art from Cordelia from Canada

Fake Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe in Japanese Maiko san constume.

Add and Pass

Add & Pass is a term used in Mail Art projects, briefly in this kind of project a particular Mail Artist initiates an Add & Pass that may or may not have a theme associated. The traditional form used in this projects are the small format (may for example be a simple A4 sheet, a small book, other format, or even could be an object, like an shoe, sculpture or other thing...). The person who begins, sends it to a particular recipient via snail mail, this may be random according to his contacts, or someone who is called upon to participate. Once finished his intervention, redirect it to another participant , and so on until the is filled out, and the last person to add something is responsible for addressing it (always through the postal service) to the beginner of it, where his address come specified on the Add & Pass. You can Add anything that you like to do as artist, any technique is allowed, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, visual poetry, words, pictures etc. etc. 

You´ll recieve one of the ADD through the Traditional Postal Service (Snail Mail), each ADD & PASS have 6 pages to 6 participants, if you are the last person to ADD something, yes you send back to me that ADD & PASS, if not, you send to other participant


mail art from Chicago Illinois USA
Picasso is from NY and he has a stamp store in Chicago.

mail art from France

mail art 9/17/2013

From Guido Bondioli

To Guido Bondioli

Posted on 10/13/2012
Mail art to Shimamoto Shozo san



It looks happy for sure!

Reading the contents of words this says about peace and love for Fukushima.

Flower of love!

No need nuclear lots of collaging.

Posted on 10/9/2012
mail art collage from Sherri from California USA

Posted on 4/21/2012
Stationaries that want to use for mail art and collage.

alphabet stencils

Animal stencil #1
Aimal stencil #2

Got an image from facebook
I may want to use for mailing to somebody. (^_^)

My mail art sent on March

Posted on 12/24/2011

To Kris N 1 in USA
To Kris N 2 in USA
To Samuel in Argentina

mail stickers from Japanese postal service
Posted on 11/11/2011

My collage to Karen C

A Piece of little wooden board, paper clip, candy bag, cardboard, bottom, postage stamp, origami, paper from an old Japanese book.

From Karen C

Posted on 10/4/2011

mail art from Positively Postal from U.K.

There was no message, but bunch of cute creatures!

mail art from Gabby C from USA

Posted on 8/22/2011

From Grigori Antonin

From Valentine mark Herman + Bianca + Trouble

Posted on 8/5/2011

Recent mail art mine and others.

Lady L from Canada

Katerina from Greece

Collage on wrapping paper by Tomo

Me and Alex's (Galicias) works

Mail art from France

From Elizabeth Zois, NY, USA

From ASKA, Australia

From Helen, Australia
From Jennie Hinchcliff, SF, USA

I sent to Kim Jung Youn, 2010 for return from what I've got from her.

They are mail art that I recieved from Kim Jung Youn from South Korea. She sent me 2 designs. Clean and nice.

Thanks for Kate Harper from CA, USA, I received her mail art.

My IUOMA member page

Bifidus sent me.
Grigori sent me.

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  1. Great to see many of the names that I swap with here! positively POstal, Katerina, Grigori, all great swappers!


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