Nov 1, 2014

More photos on Land Art Day on Nov 1st 2014

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Here is more photos from Pescadero CA with NCWCA.

I was using a film camera and finally I had a chance to make CD. I developed it but the photo store did not make CD (even though I asked for it) but they just made regular prints.... (=_=)
So finally I went to another shop and made CD, so I got jpg files to upload images.

I ruined one rolled of film so I don't have many of my work photos but I have other people work and other women artists.


My work as titled, Ontake eruption... 

She did very quick!! 

The artist is a synchronized swimmer.

She made with her sons. 

Mother and daughter works. 

The dog wanted to be in the middle of our works always... lol 

Priscilla Otani work. Unborn baby zizo... 

Judy Shitani san used a lots of sticks... 

A flock of birds. 

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