May 21, 2012

count down for 6 by 6 at Rochester.

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Just looked at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center site, the site has count down time clock and it will be 12 days for Opening and Art work sales, and 14 days for Global online purchasing. It is very excited to be part of the show and contribute my works there from Japan.

May 14, 2012

Painting - "Bottles"

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I just added my painting on my artist sites.
Here this is a quick painting of a study of abstract still life. My teacher said I needed to totally abstract the shape and all that not able to tell what they were. But I still like it myself though.

May 12, 2012

Close UP Glasses

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I just added new works on my art sites.
This work is called Close Up Glasses, just as so, that depict my own glasses as abstract expressionism style. Like moving my brushes in motion along with my state of feeling like unconscious painting. (^_~)

Close up Glasses
2008, Aqua oil on illustration board

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