Nov 29, 2015

Kettle and other still life 11-29

just fixed painting background which i used to paint at the beginning still life class at #AAU online about 10 years ago...
10年前にアカデミーオブアートので絵を習い始めの時に静物画のクラスで描いた絵。traditional なスタイルの練習してて、背景が暗くなってしまったので、ポップに明るくしてみました。(*^^*)

Nov 28, 2015

Myanmar Sunset 2 ミャンマーサンセット 2

Myanmar Sunset 2, 2008
Polaroid transfer
ミャンマーサンセット 2
ポラロイド トランスファー

Nov 18, 2015

リサイクルバック recycle bag

on going 
a recycle bag with collage 
i will finish more... 

Nov 14, 2015

Dolphin 3 painting

Dolphin 3, 
mixed media on canvas paper, 2008
It is free when you are in the ocean. That’s how they are like.

Nov 12, 2015

Rice Harvest Polaroid Transfer with pastel

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Rice Harvest Polaroid Transfer with pastel, 2008
Printed on illustration paper, 
32 by 26 cm, paper size 35.4 by 30.4 cm

Nov 10, 2015

Myanmar Sunset Polaroid Transfer with oil

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Myanmar Sunset 

Polaroid Transfer with oil, 2008 

Printed on illustration paper, 
33.4 by 26.6 cm, paper size 39 by 30.4 cm

Nov 9, 2015

sketchbook project in progress 11/09

few new pages of my sketchbook was done few days ago.... 
Sonoma train museum 

Nov 3, 2015

Obama Voting 2009

Obama Voting, 
acrylic on canvas 2009
P10 canvas, 53 by 41 cm

drawing studies from AAU

They are studies from while I was in art school. 
I found them when i tried to use layout sheet in a pad. 

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