Aug 31, 2016

moro2 寺内町 富田林 販売

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今回はArtist Tomoで登録していましたが、雑貨屋オープンを夢見て名前を変更しました。


2日目の午前中 私らは少し遅刻しました。

売れ筋はフォークでできた指輪。おすすめは変わり種付箋、egg pressのシルクスクリーンカード 


Aug 26, 2016

豪雨で濡れた新聞乾きました。wet free paper dried!

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We have a free paper started from last month and we just made a second edition.
I was hanging outside because it was sunny daytime, but there heavy rain so I have to bring the all my copied paper inside our house. It was supper time, and was hungry but I tried to open that does not rip the paper, and put them at a sunny room. 
When I woke up it got dry with no wrinkles, so I relieved! yai! 

Aug 7, 2016

my paintings, Naoshima, Sennichimae watercolor

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Painting: Watercolor and pastel on Paper.
Naoshima Shikoku Japan, 
watercolor, pastel, 51 by 41 cm 2010 
Keywords: pastel, watercolor, Japan, Shikoku, landscape

Sennishimae Arcade 2008 Downtown Osaka shopping arcade. watercolor on paper, 55.6 by 38.2 cm Original shipping from Osaka Japan. frame with request with no extra charge

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