Nov 19, 2014

My "Train Chair" painting at the stamp artists' house アクリル画 トレインチェアー

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My "Train Chair" painting at the stamp artists' house in Chicago

It was a couple of years ago that I had the United Tour show with the couple of artists from Nashville TV, and I have a large unsold work called, "Train Chair" which I still thought that some American might like to enjoy seeing it, so I just tried to ask my Facebook mail art friend called Picasso who has been doing a stamp art and ask United Tour couple to send it to him.

So here it is now I have a chance to go to his and his wife house, and finally I was able to "meet" my painting again!!


Me and my acrylic painting on canvas. "Train Chair"

Fell funny that I have my painting in someone's house in America!
I mean I sold my painting but only to non-Japanese for some reason so far...

I learned how to make stamps and stencil and they gave me nice stamps that have had.


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