May 27, 2015

Campbell Soup JP

Campbell's JP mixed media

I started when I was showing my art works at a cafe in Osaka last year, but put it aside for a while, but I somehow inspired to cover them up with pastel and markets today.

Background is acrylic paint.

a cap and glove on going

fixed the background of the still life I did long time ago. was brown garden ground but didn't get a good reflection from my teacher so I decided to make it more pop I don't know what to do from there but may fix the cap and glove later... 


May 19, 2015

keroko in progress...

This is my painting for the swap painting from the part of the Skechbook project at the Brooklyn Art Library in NY. 

I have painted most today except her dress. 

May 4, 2015

Group exhibition at me and art gallery in Sydney

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The me and art gallery just send me the photo of the new gallery and exhibition.

The current art works are showing on May 1 to June 12.

I see my painting on the right in the middle. 

I see my painting on the right. 

It reminds me of art mania cafe gallery in Yokohama?! 

I see my painting on the right side. 

It is the only one but this is the one I am showing.
Oil and collage on canvas,
"Gay Parade Observers"

May 3, 2015

experimenting with medium transfer

I tried doing medium matte transfer with Japanese advertisement paper, leaflet and bread bag. 
Maybe glossy paper wouldn't work well. 
I will try again with my own photos later. 

May 1, 2015

investigating how to make image transfer

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investigating how to make image transfer

I hope to do mine soon!! 

I think he explains throughly what I need and what I should do.... This is a good instruction to use my photos with....

I got some idea from him using another color of acrylic paint.
He said matte medium is another kind of acrylic. That means you can transfer any acrylic kind of paint. (maybe not opaque one?)
How about manicure (nail enamel) maybe?!

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