Oct 21, 2011

あかマルシェ 出展 Aka marche



11/26 11:00〜19:00
11/27 11:00〜17:00





パートナーのAlex (Alejandro Galicia Chavez)はサンフランシスコでart vendor(アート作品の屋台)をしています。今はスプーンやフォークで指輪やネックレスを作って売っています。
彼の作品で本をリサイクルして作った作品や、wood burning(木にパイログラフという機械で木を燃やして絵を描く手法)で描いた作品があるので、それも持参しようと思っています。

Oct 18, 2011

10/16 フリマ王国 The flea market day

I was selling my art and goods at flea market in Osaka.


My booth and others.

My friend, Saeko.

Me and next vender.

My stuff and my friend stuff that we were selling. 

Oct 13, 2011

_8_0_8_virtual state invitation

Hi, I will be attending a net event on 10/29 (10/30 Japan time). I recieved invitation from my buyer, collector, Roxanne from Canada. Here is her email invitation and website.


Hi Tomoe,

I wanted to invite you to an online live experience where I produce an event 'art happening' connecting artists internationally in the moment from their remote art studios and galleries. We have 8 cam feeds where you can be on if you wish and interact and create art with us, chat, play music. It's a creative in the moment collaboration. Really, you need to witness it to get a real sense of the unique experience.

If you can, I am inviting you to the LIVE@ _8_O_8_ event October 29th, at 8o8pm NY time. I would send you the link and password. You can invite your colleagues to witness too.

We have special guests, Rex Bruce from Los Angeles: Artist/Curator/Gallery Owner of The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
We have Nancy Bechtol, Artist, professor at Chicago U, American News Photographer.
We also have artists from other countries. UK, Canada, etc. More news on that soon.

You could connect and give us news on yourself and the artscene that you know in Japan.

Let me know what you think.
Warm regards,

Hi Tomoe,

Yes you are 11 hours ahead of me. Im in the same time zone as New York.
So it would be your 708am, the following day. We have had other artists from Japan and all over the world  join us at these exceptional times from heir time zones. Since our events are not every month and a great way to make connections. We get a good turn out


Oct 12, 2011

フリマ王国2011 10/16 Flea Market Kingdom

フリマ王国2011 10/16 Flea Market Kingdom

I will be participating furima oukoku (flea market kingdom) on Oct. 16, 2011.
I will be selling Mexican goods and art supplies, and some Philippine goods with my friend.



flea market site フリマ王国サイト

Galicias Art Shop site




And more Mexican accessories, interior goods, Philippine goods etc.

Oct 3, 2011

2nd International Mail Art Exhibition in Indonesia

Hi I will join the 2nd International Mail Art Exhibition in Indonesia.
The theme of this year is Peace.
And I have already sent them my box art work on peace.

Peace "Journey to The East"
This is their mail art site.
"Journey to the East"

Oct 1, 2011

Sento kun collage

Hi I finally scanned my new collage work I did a month ago. Sento kun at Kofukuji temple Nara.

Drawing with pastel on a photo print. Original postcard size.

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