Jun 29, 2011

御所の「空き地」見学 Art space at Gose Nara Japan


Art space in the country side of Nara, Gose.
An owner of Umeda san, is a new friend I met this year at cocoroom in June. She was telling me that I could rent the place for free to use as a studio space or exhibit art etc. So I wanted to see it first.

Last year's art work still left on the floor. Hair, sculpture with face etc.
Hair was kind of scary.

From the loft floor view. She told me they did Nagashi soumen (流しそうめん)form the top last year.

This toilet is not working, but they used to put the sand and flower. lol

The house looked fine from a far, but it is nearly abandoned.
When I went there there was a lot of grass and mosquito.
Honestly I could not think that I could stay over. There was no window so insect could come in at night.

A shine is near by. There is no toilet at her place, so when I want to go to toilet, I need to borrow the toilet there. adventurous.

A zizo stone, curving from ancient time

The Art Planet

I sent my resume to the Art Planet. They finally sent back email and told me that they featured one of my work, Orange and put on their site.


From the Art Planet site

Jun 28, 2011

afn ポータルサイト

afn portal siteに
It is a net shop of Mexican import goods and our art works and art supply store.


Jun 17, 2011

Buyer's room

Hi, it took me a while to post this, but my buyer sent me a photo of my painting decorating on her piano. I don't mean to compliment myself, but they look very nice on her piano!!

Two of my painting in the middle of her piano.

Joining newsletter!

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