Mar 30, 2010

Flowers in Cubism inspired style

Flowers from my garden.

This is excerpt from my class post.

At first, I was doing the way the text say, transfer different images from transfer paper, and draw from the projector. But I could not do well with the composition, so I made collage of different regular sized printed photos. I am almost done, but here I am posting the reference collage that I am painting from.
I wanted to do little advance than traditional set-up of cup and saucer, and I chose to paint flowers in my garden. I took a bunch of pictures from different directions of different flowers. And finally choose 3 images to collage from. The white one is a kind of narcissus, and pink one is a primrose. Narcissus is tilting front. One primrose is an ant view, (looking up) and another primrose is sky view (looking down) including the leaves.
Cubism is hard theme for me, and I have been reference some Japanese art technique book. It says there is two type of Cubism, Cezanne, analytical and Synthetic and Rococo. Synthetic Cubism sometime painted from or on collage or papier colle.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

I put a lots of layers. F6 canvas, 41 by 32 cm, (16.14 by 12.6 in), acrylic, pastel, sand.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail shots

Mar 18, 2010

Duck Toys

I had advise that I should make more realistically like toy ducks, so I have to do more on the duck painting I did. Lots of painting to think about....

Mar 16, 2010

Ducks in danger.

Here I did the painting for my class last night. I know I should go on layer more, but meeting with the deadline is priority, so I tried as much as I could paint in one day. Amazingly, I have never painted my work in one day, so I feel good. But if I have more time, I will paint over more.

To think about the contemporary was hard. I went to the Contemporary museum in downtown Osaka to visit and see the current Japanese artist works. I don't know my idea is suitable, but I float duck family dolls in the bath tub, and took a bunch of photos. Water was moving with my swirl of hand and fingers, and it was not a really "set-up", but I was seeking for more "happening" that is also a contemporary concept in art.

I see that the half of the bigger duck head is cut out and kind of odd. But actually, I used to take photo of people passing in front of me which include some blurry face in my photo, but I thought that is more realistic than traditional composition.

To me, the concept of this painting is that a family is afraid and run away in a panic with a sadden danger, such as Tunami. The color of the bath tab and water was not green, but I imagined like the ducks are in a pond and choose that color. It is hard to tell, but the bigger duck is carrying a little duck on her back. Which I put one guy on the back while shooting. This is more like abstract realism, and I did not seek to be too realistic, but at least I can understand what they are. Especially, I wanted the background as vague, and gave the brush strokes to convey the mood and speed in blur.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

Flag Shadows

Here I paint on F30 canvas with acrylic referring from a picture from Baja, California.

It is abstraction realism, but more depict feeling of visiting "foreign" while traveling...

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

Mar 9, 2010

Painting San Francisco Gay Parade Observers

Here is my painting 1.

  Sorry, the white area on the right top is little reflecting. I could not control the light when I took the photo.

  This was the my first large painting, in this class, so it was challenging. It took so much time, and I regret that I choose very complicated subject to begin with. Maybe next time using oil, I will use alkyd so the paint become more bulky. Water-soluble oil became flat after it dried. I never painted figures, but I enjoyed it.

  I tried paper collage, dripping. I painted with a palette knife for the trees to have more organic feel. I painted from the PS filtered reference, so I did not need to think to make abstract too much while painting. 

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

reference photo

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

My Painting, San Francisco Gay Parade Observers
Expressionism, oil on F20 canvas.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail, part of painting on origami collage.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail newspaper as building

Mar 6, 2010

Research and report on one of the below examples of contemporary painters using stylization in their paintings:

Research and report on one of the below examples of contemporary painters using stylization in their paintings:

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is a German artist born February 9, 1932. He is 78 and still working. I saw his work at San Francisco MoMa, and also the National Museum of Art, Osaka, and his works were fascinated me. 

His early works are from German war time theme depicting from photographs and painted on top as blurry image. I was not interested in war theme too much, but as I have been doing photography, I like the way that he paint kind of semi-realistic (abstract realism) works. Most of his early painting are black and white or monochromatic, that way it gives more documentary feeling and give a sense of curiosity. Other so called Overpainted photographs are figures, nude, landscape, and he is known with the style.

I knew Marcel Duchamp works before than his works, and there was the exhibition that as a theme of art that inspired from photography, and Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2" was next to Richter's "Frau, die Treppe herabgehend Woman Descending the Staircase" and I thought that it was interesting juxtaposition that both in an abstract image, but different approaches. 

Another style of Richter is total abstraction mainly painted with enamel in large canvas like 300 by 300 cm. They were hard to tell what they mean, but I thought that they are emotional and aggressive in colors and with the brush stokes. 
And I just found his new direction on his series of color study (or computer dot images?) that I think he needs crazy concentration and persistence to go on to paint bunch of different colors on each square dots to fill in the squares. He also uses this kind of paint in enamel so that it shines glare like really looking at a computer screen. This is more like extreme color chart than concept/content oriented. Maybe depicting modern technology, or showing off his ability of color and design.

In the same concept, he has a stained glass work window in the Koln Cathedral that was 11,500 handblown glass squares in 72 colors. That is amazing that his painting expanding into another level of sculptural art.

Additional information that I found in other artists that were assigned that I wanted to share.
I was amazed how large the contemporary works can be, but simple is a series of figure painting. If you see the image of museum with people walking around, you recognize the size better. I think art is getting more like a poster ads on a billboard. 

I was surprised that Balthus second wife was Japanese, and he was a friend of Shintaro Katsu. Katsu was popular actor in Japan, died with cancer in 1997. He grew up as a son of nagauta, shamisen, traditional Japanese music family. But he became celebrity in Japanese media world as an actor, singer, producer and director, and he was in many Kurosawa movies. He rarely showed his personal life and do not act in public, so I have never seen this video before. He is like my parents generation to me, and all I knew was trouble with women and acted in yakuza and gang movies. So I was impressed that he respected the artist like Balthus and show his skill in person at secluded Switzerland villa.

Mar 4, 2010

Stylizing (how to think of my own style?)

How do you go about the process of stylizing your figures?  

One way is making abstract image sample in Photoshop. I like using filter, palette knife mode. This would give a glance how brush strokes and vague tone looks in a printed image.  

For making art, I think I am more intuitive than technical. I like to use different technique for mixed media, using found object and photograph, and paper collage. I think that is technical side of stylizing. But particularly for figure, I know that I am not too good at painting or even photographing people. Better way to say, I have learned more about landscape and still life that is more I am interested in. So I just paint with the flow with my intuition where the brush goes. It is kind of the way the make use my disadvantage (of not being able to create good realism) for advantage to create abstract image.  

The color value, I prefer using high key (such like a Wayne Thiebaud) than low key. In general, I do not like to wear black color clothes. It has been my personal preference since I was young. Funny thing that I tend to take dark contrast of photograph. Maybe that is just a tendency to use my camera, or because I like to take reflection of window, which is against sunlight. So I tend to use white a lot for my palette, and use pastel colors (color mixing with white). To think of my previous figure exercises and painting, I tend to paint darker figure in contrast of high key background.  

In content, (theme) I have been also interested in abstract and conceptual art. I do travel photographs, but I like taking close up architecture of reflection and shadows that have interested in design and shapes. I also like to find some objects that looks funny. I don't recognize too much, but my theme tend to be humorous and kischy, and something from J-pop culture. I try my theme lively and fun rather than sad or dark, or not saying anything political. In my belief that that just makes other people feel aggressive or negative. And also I see more personal feeling themes in Japanese artists painting than socio-political theme, so I am just not used to talk out in my works. I like to make people happy and peaceful. Suggestion of Hung Liu was good to learn about my painting technique, but I learned that some of her works coming from Japanese invasion of China. I had a mixed feeling, watching her talk on internet video, because my family grew up in colonized Manchuria. In contrast from Hung's statement, my grandparents were friend to Chinese people there. I used to make work that was about world economy, but that is about whole world. The American economic crisis affected a lot in Japan, and made whole whole depressing, but I was hoping all the world would get better. I also like nature theme or animal for the reason to address preservation of nature. Also, when I get very stressed out, I feel like doing like Jackson Pollock. Abstract expression, but more philosophical way, just to get serenity out of my feeling. So thinking about my themes would be dependent from my intuition and my feeling of the time, but I hope the style of works can be the same regardless of what to make.  

Another thing, in AAU online, I have not had a chance to learn relief. But I used to learn woodblock in elementary and junior high school in Japan. (everybody learn at Japanese schools.) I think Silkscreen is more popular in Western country, and because of Ukiyoe tradition, woodblock is more popular in Japan. I want to learn myself more about relief print and mix with my painting and photography in near future. And also as my side job, I want to make and sell handmade stationary, so that technique would help.

Artist whom I admire...

* Choose an artist whose work you admire, and study the relationship between his/her subject matter and application of paint. Link to 2-3 images of the artist’s work, and report to the class on your observations.

I am a more photo person, so i have many photographer I admire. Within artists, I like many of contemporary artists, and it is hard to choose a few. I like the artists who combine painting and photography or do mixed media or multi genre, so that I have been studying to find out my style.

I always say my favorite artist, is Christ & Claude, environmental sculpture. They do outside installation, and sell pre illustration and photographs. I also like Andy Goldsworthy, who also make environmental sculpture and sell photos of his sculpture, because his many of his sculpture are temporary like made with ice or twig, so he takes these photos as a record. Yoko Ono is also my favorite conceptual artist.

In painting, I like surrealist like Dali and Magritte. Magritte's paintings have a sense of humor and also confusion of time of day, or time in space. Just I saw Hung Liu art from Kevin's suggestion, Magritte works also have a story telling in his work. In case of Hung Liu her story is about her family and Chinese history, but in case of Magritte, it is more like SiFi or mystery. Actually, my very first major was literary art, and I was a big fun of Science Fiction, Spielberg movie and so on, so I like to create fiction in my any genre of art.

I just heard that Renoir used only 10 colors of paint. It seems like Magritte has successful painting with analogous colors, like blue tone, or green tone or brown, etc. I like his uses of line brush strokes of grass and tress. His icon clouds has more soft touch than detail, such like more illustration like cotton candy.

Another favorite artist is Robert Rauschenberg. I like his mixed media, and used of everyday objects to include in his paints and installations. His style is called, Combine Painting, and he was the one who passed the boundary of painting and sculpture. I think he uses house paint, newspaper, and photograph for collaging for many of his combine paintings. I like his aggressive wide and dripping paint application as much as his collages. Some of his works are photography, and printmaking too and I like to try his kind of style. Many of his theme is politic during the Vietnam war and after. Many of his works are on American nationalism. But in his recent works, he was becoming inspired other culture including Asian culture. His work called, Light, he used Asian hand made paper for his collaging. That I feel like I can learn back from his about usage of Japanese paper for collaging. He just died in 2008, and I was surprised he has works until very recently.


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