Nov 12, 2014

Visiting Presidio Andy Goldsworthy land art

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Visiting Presidio Andy Goldsworthy land art Nov 12th 2014

After I left Sonoma and stopped at Marin Headlands, my friend took me to the Presidio as my request to see Andy Goldsworthy works. The Presidio is a large area of park that is used to belong to US Army post and the army residence until 1972. Now it is a part of the National Park service but for the historical reason, the houses are secluded and the road is like a maze but there is not many parking lot for the visitors besides the visitor center and the office areas. 

The Presidio - About

There is a free shuttle that is called, Presidio Go!, I see in downtown everyday but there is only few stops in downtown and I did not have a chance to ride on. 
So I asked my friend to take there. We were looking for the Andy works together. 
There is 3 locations for his works but we found only one which is the tall triangle three tower that is stood behind the Golf Course. 

I hope to see more of his works next time…

The Presidio - Andy Goldsworthy's Art

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