Mar 30, 2012

My intro is on A Journal!

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A/Journal is a Academy of Art University (AAU) alumni free paper and they come out seasonal. I was invited to on the page last year, and now it is out! Winter 2011 edition
They sent it me to Japan, so I upload the part to everyone. You can also download pdf version from the link.

AAU Alumni site

Bottom row on the left is me!

invitation from Berlin

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Always when thinking about getting another part-time job, there is some offer. After a show in London, there are offer for one day show in Barcelona Spain. There seems no selection but it costs a rental fee, so I am thinking to give and doing something else, and then next I got an email from a gallery at Berlin. I mean the officer is in London, but the gallery is in Berlin, they said. This is a selective project and by asking them it seems kind of a good deal, so I am thinking to sign-up and send my works to them. Just the due is April and very soon, so I hope at least I can meet the deadline...

When I proceed more on the project, I will talk more about it...

Mar 27, 2012

6x6x2011 images

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Here I will show the images of Rochester Contemporary Art Center how 6x6 works will be presented.

Mar 25, 2012

my 6x6 has arrived!

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I received an email from Rochester Contemporary Art Center that they got my package. I am looking forward the 6x6x2012 benefit show!

Mar 20, 2012

Working on sending works to RCAC

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I found an information of the 6x6 2012 benefit show,

and I decided to send my mini works for the show. Since I just spent a lots of money for the show in London, and I don't want to (or cannot) spent much money at the moment, so I choose more easy "Call" for the next project. Even I have got the offer from the show in Barcelona, I don't think I can do, but this is the benefit show for everybody (not only artists but anybody), and there is "no fee" to join the event, so I will take another chance to send works to NY.

The show will be at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center and from June 2 - July 15, 2012.
Detail is on the link above and I will let you know how it will be when I send my works there.

Here are the works I will send. (still need to scan some works that I don't have on file.)

Tulip Mixed media

watercolor study

watercolor study

paper weight watercolor

persimmon watercolor

pliers watercolor

scoop watercolor

acrylic on photo collage

tortoise pencil and pen

Mar 4, 2012

The Brick Lane Gallery Layers Opening

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I have preparing for the show for a month, and there was a little trouble, but finally I made for the opening  of the Layers.

Here I found the photos of the opening in their facebook page.
My flower works are hanging there. You can see some individually and behind the visitors.

Here are more images.

Monotype, At the wall of the gallery.

My works are behind of these people...

My works are all the way back in small size canvas and poster frame.

Cosmos in Acrylic, hanging on the gallery wall. 

Chrysanthemum, monotype with watercolor, paper 30 by 40 cm 

Cosmos #3 watercolor, color pencils on paper 30 by 40 cm

Cosmos #4 monotype with watercolor 34.6 by 27 cm

Cosmos real acryic on canvas F6 41.8 by 31.6 cm 

Thistles #2 monotype with watercolor 30 by 40 cm 

thistles #1 monotype with color pencils 30 by 40 cm 

 hairy crabgrass watercolor, color pencil 30 by 40 cm

Flower in Different Angles, acrylic, sand paste F6 41.8 by 31.6 cm 

Cosmos #1 soft pastel on drawing paper 50 by 65 cm

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