Sep 24, 2010

recycled envelope/bag paper bag


I made 3 recycle bags. It is really a first time to made a bag, so it took a while to get used to the idea/technique. But I like the idea of recycle bags, and I want to continue after the class is over in real job or whatever.
#1 A bag made out of an Academy envelope. stamping, folding, taping. A straw string for handle of the bag.
dimension: height 19 width 8 depth 2.3 cm

#2 A bag made with paper bag at a souvenir shop at Kohfukuji tempe museum. I just fold to make it wider and put a handle. (but it was too short) Some collage at front and back.
dimension: hight 15 width 10 depth 2 cm

#3 A bag made out of official envelope from my town. For the security reason, back of the envelope has small design in blue. I wanted to use the design for the design of the bag, I opened up the envelope, flipped around to fold again the envelope inside out (what the inside of the envelope is now outside), and pasted again. Top flip, because it was fold back side when I fold as inside out, so it has unclean white, so I pasted Japanese paper as the shape of the flip. I did some stamping for extra design and put some origami paper. (left over from the last envelope I made)
dimension: hight 19.7 width 8.8 depth 3 cm

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