Mar 4, 2012

The Brick Lane Gallery Layers Opening

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I have preparing for the show for a month, and there was a little trouble, but finally I made for the opening  of the Layers.

Here I found the photos of the opening in their facebook page.
My flower works are hanging there. You can see some individually and behind the visitors.

Here are more images.

Monotype, At the wall of the gallery.

My works are behind of these people...

My works are all the way back in small size canvas and poster frame.

Cosmos in Acrylic, hanging on the gallery wall. 

Chrysanthemum, monotype with watercolor, paper 30 by 40 cm 

Cosmos #3 watercolor, color pencils on paper 30 by 40 cm

Cosmos #4 monotype with watercolor 34.6 by 27 cm

Cosmos real acryic on canvas F6 41.8 by 31.6 cm 

Thistles #2 monotype with watercolor 30 by 40 cm 

thistles #1 monotype with color pencils 30 by 40 cm 

 hairy crabgrass watercolor, color pencil 30 by 40 cm

Flower in Different Angles, acrylic, sand paste F6 41.8 by 31.6 cm 

Cosmos #1 soft pastel on drawing paper 50 by 65 cm


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    1. Thank you for your post.
      Please follow my blog if you wish.

  2. I have seen your works on the Brick Lane Gallery web site and love them and the colours.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      Thank you for coming my blog also.
      I never exhibit in England and it was crazy for the preparation and sending works from overseas, but I am glad to show my works!!


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