Feb 12, 2010

Critical Mass_Collage

Critical Mass_Collage
Originally uploaded by Tomoe Nakamura

I am selling my work at the 140 hours site.
"140hours Valentine's Day Weekend Auction"commencing 2.12.10 @9:00 pm EST and ending 2.14.10 @11.59 pm EST.

Under work on paper, you will see this work with other artist works.
140hours works on paper

Critical Mass works on paper, T. Nakamura

"Critical Mass", 2008, mixed media on paper.
Paper size, A4 (21.3 by 27.8 cm) or 8 1/5 by 11 in. pastel, watercolor, newspaper, and origami paper.
Painted on my own photograph "Critical Mass" (the eco generated event in San Francisco)
The event happens every last Friday of the month, in the city of San Francisco, and people riding bikes to replace with a car. They have a regular route so police knew.
I used this image just because this is my favorite and first photo that my art school teacher praised it. But also I also like the composition that everything going to one certain perspective, like there is something towards the end. (good hope)

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  1. I viewed it large and it's a really nice collage, great work and I like the concept behind it.


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