Mar 4, 2010

Artist whom I admire...

* Choose an artist whose work you admire, and study the relationship between his/her subject matter and application of paint. Link to 2-3 images of the artist’s work, and report to the class on your observations.

I am a more photo person, so i have many photographer I admire. Within artists, I like many of contemporary artists, and it is hard to choose a few. I like the artists who combine painting and photography or do mixed media or multi genre, so that I have been studying to find out my style.

I always say my favorite artist, is Christ & Claude, environmental sculpture. They do outside installation, and sell pre illustration and photographs. I also like Andy Goldsworthy, who also make environmental sculpture and sell photos of his sculpture, because his many of his sculpture are temporary like made with ice or twig, so he takes these photos as a record. Yoko Ono is also my favorite conceptual artist.

In painting, I like surrealist like Dali and Magritte. Magritte's paintings have a sense of humor and also confusion of time of day, or time in space. Just I saw Hung Liu art from Kevin's suggestion, Magritte works also have a story telling in his work. In case of Hung Liu her story is about her family and Chinese history, but in case of Magritte, it is more like SiFi or mystery. Actually, my very first major was literary art, and I was a big fun of Science Fiction, Spielberg movie and so on, so I like to create fiction in my any genre of art.

I just heard that Renoir used only 10 colors of paint. It seems like Magritte has successful painting with analogous colors, like blue tone, or green tone or brown, etc. I like his uses of line brush strokes of grass and tress. His icon clouds has more soft touch than detail, such like more illustration like cotton candy.

Another favorite artist is Robert Rauschenberg. I like his mixed media, and used of everyday objects to include in his paints and installations. His style is called, Combine Painting, and he was the one who passed the boundary of painting and sculpture. I think he uses house paint, newspaper, and photograph for collaging for many of his combine paintings. I like his aggressive wide and dripping paint application as much as his collages. Some of his works are photography, and printmaking too and I like to try his kind of style. Many of his theme is politic during the Vietnam war and after. Many of his works are on American nationalism. But in his recent works, he was becoming inspired other culture including Asian culture. His work called, Light, he used Asian hand made paper for his collaging. That I feel like I can learn back from his about usage of Japanese paper for collaging. He just died in 2008, and I was surprised he has works until very recently.


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