Oct 1, 2010

A picture bag

This is a new envelope bag, that is made with bigger envelope that I did before. It is A4 size, about 8 by 11 inch", so you can put some magazine or documents. I thought envelope bag you can do different sizes, depending on the size of the envelope, so I wanted to try to make bigger bag from it too. Not only I put handles with strings, but also I folded both sides, so that it became 1.5 cm wider than flat width envelope.
I found a mistake from last 3 used paper bag I did before. (see module 3) I put the handle(s) front to back, but normally for handbag, they have handles side to side on the same side. So I changed the way for this one. If you download the last one and place side by side on the computer screen, you see the difference how I put handles. Yes, like you said, more I make the same things, more I am aware of the mistake, and also I can make more with clean style. So even though I feel like it is time consuming to make the same thing, I see it is important. Thank you. : )
I will also attach original photos that I used for the bag. I printed these photos on ink jet printer ok transparent film label that has glue on the back. It comes with the white paper before printing, and when I finish printing the image, I pealed the paper off, and put on the envelope that I am working. I like to take photos of buildings, and I like to make use of the design on the bag, so it looks 3D (because of the thickness of the bag) and I thought it became kind of elegant with the design that they have on the photos.
In the image #4, I wanted to show the address label that is white so it shows the real color on the photograph. I wanted to place the flag on the white area on the top, it shows more clearly. 

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