Mar 4, 2010

Stylizing (how to think of my own style?)

How do you go about the process of stylizing your figures?  

One way is making abstract image sample in Photoshop. I like using filter, palette knife mode. This would give a glance how brush strokes and vague tone looks in a printed image.  

For making art, I think I am more intuitive than technical. I like to use different technique for mixed media, using found object and photograph, and paper collage. I think that is technical side of stylizing. But particularly for figure, I know that I am not too good at painting or even photographing people. Better way to say, I have learned more about landscape and still life that is more I am interested in. So I just paint with the flow with my intuition where the brush goes. It is kind of the way the make use my disadvantage (of not being able to create good realism) for advantage to create abstract image.  

The color value, I prefer using high key (such like a Wayne Thiebaud) than low key. In general, I do not like to wear black color clothes. It has been my personal preference since I was young. Funny thing that I tend to take dark contrast of photograph. Maybe that is just a tendency to use my camera, or because I like to take reflection of window, which is against sunlight. So I tend to use white a lot for my palette, and use pastel colors (color mixing with white). To think of my previous figure exercises and painting, I tend to paint darker figure in contrast of high key background.  

In content, (theme) I have been also interested in abstract and conceptual art. I do travel photographs, but I like taking close up architecture of reflection and shadows that have interested in design and shapes. I also like to find some objects that looks funny. I don't recognize too much, but my theme tend to be humorous and kischy, and something from J-pop culture. I try my theme lively and fun rather than sad or dark, or not saying anything political. In my belief that that just makes other people feel aggressive or negative. And also I see more personal feeling themes in Japanese artists painting than socio-political theme, so I am just not used to talk out in my works. I like to make people happy and peaceful. Suggestion of Hung Liu was good to learn about my painting technique, but I learned that some of her works coming from Japanese invasion of China. I had a mixed feeling, watching her talk on internet video, because my family grew up in colonized Manchuria. In contrast from Hung's statement, my grandparents were friend to Chinese people there. I used to make work that was about world economy, but that is about whole world. The American economic crisis affected a lot in Japan, and made whole whole depressing, but I was hoping all the world would get better. I also like nature theme or animal for the reason to address preservation of nature. Also, when I get very stressed out, I feel like doing like Jackson Pollock. Abstract expression, but more philosophical way, just to get serenity out of my feeling. So thinking about my themes would be dependent from my intuition and my feeling of the time, but I hope the style of works can be the same regardless of what to make.  

Another thing, in AAU online, I have not had a chance to learn relief. But I used to learn woodblock in elementary and junior high school in Japan. (everybody learn at Japanese schools.) I think Silkscreen is more popular in Western country, and because of Ukiyoe tradition, woodblock is more popular in Japan. I want to learn myself more about relief print and mix with my painting and photography in near future. And also as my side job, I want to make and sell handmade stationary, so that technique would help.

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