Oct 13, 2010

A picture bag, fixed!

Hi I fixed the yellow envelope. I hope you like it. I like the solution of putting some collage inside the envelope to hide the tip of the ribbon. I even use the part of the yellow envelope that already but on top. I also put another ribbon on the back side of the ribbon strips (handles), so it won't show the white tape of the both side tape. I think it became strong and cuter. How do you think?
The yellow paper is a part of the stuff that I got from a mail artist in Alaska. She is a member of IUOMA, and she was kindly looking for some people in the IUOMA site to send some scrap paper. I guess sending her scrap was kind of her own conceptual art project. I was looking some yellow paper to fit in the envelope all over and found it in her envelope that she sent a bunch of paper scrap from there. I will also use other paper to fix the folding box next.

#1 I am trying to show you that I pasted another ribbon on the back side of the original ribbon. It is not showing the white tape of the both sided tape, and it became stronger to hold.

#2, 3 I could have taken these pictures before pasting it though. I want to show you how I covered the tip of the ribbon with collage. I also put the zigzag strip on the paper that used to cut from the top of the envelope. I think it would have looked unfinished, or not formal if I did not cover. As I said in the main post, the scrap paper was sent from a mail artist from Alaska. It is fun to find that I can use any recycle stuff, for my handmade works, and I make use of the stuff that somebody sending to me from overseas. (that I don't know much about, which is (to me) make the work more mysterious and exciting!) 

#4 I did not take photo of what I pasted, so I just took photo of the left over of the scrap paper. I think it is like a schedule pad or something. 

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