Oct 6, 2010

Multi purpose hanging pocket

.... That what is came out. I follow the reference text, and put photos on both sides. As your suggestion I wanted to put the photos on both sides, so that people can see or use the same sides. I put the Japanese paper on the background of the photo and wrap around the side of the envelope, so that it got extra pockets on both side. You can pull the one sheet of triangle on top to inside of the bag to use one side, or leave both triangle up, or put both triangle flips inside so that it becomes as a container. I don't know if it is a good solution, (it might have other ways to finish) but I put the string in both holes of the triangle flips.
It is hard to show it to 2D photos, so I took videos.

note: all these photos are from one piece of envelope bag, just in case you don't know. Size is slightly bigger than yellow bag, I think this is more like out of 11 by 14 envelope, but cut in half to have a triangle flip.

Here is the You Tube videos for the multi purpose hanging pocket (I want to say describe in a shorter words. any idea?)
I got a comment from Flickr friend that with video it makes more sense with what it is like, so please check with the video.


Sorry, the second video one, I took with side way. Basic mistake. I took the video with my digital still camera, so I think I moved the camera like I took photographs.

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