Oct 21, 2010

paper folding box with a lid (from used calender)

A container (box) that consists of 2 folding boxes, one is for the bottom container and another is for the lid. A lid size, 13.2 by 13.2 by 7 cm. Container 13 by 13 by 6 cm. It is about the size to put regular scissors and Japanese paperback.
I used an old calender page of December, 2009 which has a nice Christmas theme illustration, so I have kept it. I made for the lid, and I measured 1 cm smaller size (opened paper size) to make a bottom part with a red craft paper to match the theme of the December calender. And then I put left over of the calender that I used for the lid and put inside and outside of the container.
My own reflection of this is I might went too far, because I could not paste the calender scrap on the container well on the red craft paper I used, so I put another glue to paste tight, but I kind of messed up with it, so I added white gesso on the paper to hide it. I am not sure if it is aesthetically too much and it would have looked better without the gesso painting... My grandmother make this paper container everyday for her fingers exercise with ads paper, but I thought if I use nicer and ticker paper, I can make a piece of art (product). This is my first time, so I will make more simple ones and more arty ones.
10/8 p.s. The bottom of the box was little messy, so I added some collage of Christmas design paper at the bottom.

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