Mar 30, 2010

Flowers in Cubism inspired style

Flowers from my garden.

This is excerpt from my class post.

At first, I was doing the way the text say, transfer different images from transfer paper, and draw from the projector. But I could not do well with the composition, so I made collage of different regular sized printed photos. I am almost done, but here I am posting the reference collage that I am painting from.
I wanted to do little advance than traditional set-up of cup and saucer, and I chose to paint flowers in my garden. I took a bunch of pictures from different directions of different flowers. And finally choose 3 images to collage from. The white one is a kind of narcissus, and pink one is a primrose. Narcissus is tilting front. One primrose is an ant view, (looking up) and another primrose is sky view (looking down) including the leaves.
Cubism is hard theme for me, and I have been reference some Japanese art technique book. It says there is two type of Cubism, Cezanne, analytical and Synthetic and Rococo. Synthetic Cubism sometime painted from or on collage or papier colle.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

I put a lots of layers. F6 canvas, 41 by 32 cm, (16.14 by 12.6 in), acrylic, pastel, sand.

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

送信者 FA 310 Surrealism

detail shots

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