Jan 16, 2010

Graduation Portfolio

Message to Fine Art department;

Hello, here are my portfolio of works. I may have other works that I should choose for the portfolio, but these are my choice so far. I officially started learning art after I transfered from photo major, no experience in the past, so I thank for the new experiences. I have 3 more fine art classes before graduating, so I hope to make better works and hope to make more good encounters for art business during this year.

I will not be able to attend graduation, but I may be coming back again to San Francisco sooner or later. Thanks for stuff and friends who have helped during my school years.


Hero At Amtrak Station, 2009
Acrylic on photographic print
84 by 59 cm (2.75 by 1.93 ft.)

New People, 2009
Oil on 2 canvases
41 by 53 cm and 45 by 53.
Total length, 86 by 53 cm (2.82 by 1.73 ft.)

Cosmos A, 2009
Acrylic on canvas
101 by 76 cm, F30 canvas (3.31 by 2.49 ft.)

Cosmos R, 2009
Oil on canvas
40 by 30 cm, F6 canvas (15.74 by 11.81 in)

Peppers, 2008
Watercolor on Paper
47 by 35.5 cm (18.5 by 14 in)

Fish Head and Tail, 2008
(no middle fish part)
Watercolor on paper
95.3 by 35.6 cm
Fish Head,
48.3 by 35.6 cm (19 by 14 in)
Fish Tail,
47 by 35.6 cm (18.5 by 14 in)

Close-Up Pears, 2008.
Watercolor on Paper
47 by 35.6 cm (18.5 by 14 in)

Mon & Amiga, 2007
Acrylic on canvas
60.5 by 50 cm (1.98 by 1.64 ft.)

Sumo Wrestlers Bowing
Mixed Media on canvas paper
Acrylic, charcoal, conte, gesso
25 by 35 cm (9.84 by 13.78 in)

Chan Mai Elephants
Mixed Media on canvas board,
30 by 23 cm (9 by 12 in)

A Chair in a Park
Acrylic and pastel on paper
42 by 27 cm (16.53 by 10.63 in)

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  1. Tomoe:

    I really like the peppers that you did in watercolors. I also really like the Cosmos that you did in oil paint.

    By looking at all of your work here, it looks like you really have a knack for watercolor painting. I'm sure that you will go far with you art career.


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