May 28, 2010

Final works from Surrealism class

>Discuss elements and techniques you employ in your own work that may be reminiscent of those employed by the Old Masters.

My Painting 3 background is reminiscent to Magrette as I mentioned before. (which may not be Old old master though). My background image is cloud and blue sky on little group of helicopters. I want to depict modern city is up on the sky like a fantasy, but somehow saying that life is realistic, but dreamy sometime in my mind. (but can be interpreted other ways from other viewers) It is like when you live in San Francisco for example, you see what is going there, but you tend to not care about what is going on in other part of the world, because you are involved in the place, so the "place" is like just a floating surface like a little carpet.

Doraemon, the Japanese character is a cat robot who came from the future and get whatever you wish from his pocket. (but funny gadgets) This image is he is flying with Takekopter which is a little toy from Asia, but his gadget make himself to fly when he put on his head. I associate his Takekopter when I decided to use the sky image, if I could tell my wish to fly and go somewhere. I think it can relate to my subconscious feeling to get away and have whatever my wishes. 


Takekoputer in English Bamboo-copter
It is an Asian toy for children to make it fly.

Flying over San Francisco
Acrylic and mixed media and collage on printing paper, and canvas.
F 20 size 707 by 606 mm.


I tend to get stuck while I am taking class, so it is my feeling to fly away where ever I can.

One thing I was not satisfied about this project, we did not received my instructor's comment yet. So I will post here and other artist sites and hope to have some feedback from anybody.

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  1. Hey Tomoe-san, I made it to the comments! :-))
    I really like the one with the pack of Marlboro, very original and cool!!
    Have a good weekend!


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