Sep 4, 2015

アートスペース エディション・シミズ, artspace Edition Shimizu 9, 4, 15

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On 4th and 5th of there is John Held Italian photo show and mail art lecture and workshop.

On 4th night there is a lecture and party. I happened to help Tohei san, the gallery owner to translate John's lecture with the slideshow. I was standing in front and he was sitting at the table where there was a computer. So it looks like on the photo, that I am the one who is giving a lecture. (^D^) 

There is Ryosuke Cohen san, Shozo Shimamoto gallery owner and staff, John's girlfriend, Tohei gallery neighbors and his other artist and photographer's friends there.

We were introducing ourselves and eating potluck dinner. 

Rryosuke Cohen san

Mano san explaining his past conceptual work. 

Ryosuke san took my photos for me while I was translating John Held san lecture. 

John was showing San Francisco map.

He is living in a beautiful San Francisco! 

He was showing many Golden Gate Bridge photos. 

Yes this is Chinatown. 

I think he was talking about Chinese art in San Francisco...

These are the mail art related books that John has. 

I think he meant the wash out glass stone can be art... 

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