Apr 7, 2011

My paintings were sold!

Recently my still life paintings were sold in my

It was after I posted that I will donate 10 % of my sell to Japanese aid, and I think my buyer wanted to help me and Japan. I thank for Roxanne from Ontario, Canada who bought my art and like them. Here are what I sold.

Acrylic on wood board, painted on newspaper, 12 by 12 inch", 2007

Acrylic on wood panel, 21 by 30 inch", 2007

Fukuda Shigeo trick art trip, book
Please click on the words for the original book image, I painted from.

Please give any feed back on these paintings if you like. Thank you.
I like to take still life photographs as well as painting still life in more arty way.


  1. Congratulations on your sale! I love the different shades of brown in these works. The warm color and the subject (art & office supplies) feels comforting to me.

  2. Hi Tomoe, yes they are even more beautiful facing me on my piano as I play music. Thank you for sharing your gift, grateful to introduce your work as I can. Note, 'Book on Board' besides the play on words, a pencil with eraser at both ends...Your humour is appreciated..Keep up the excellence. Wishing you continued success, keep in contact.
    Roxanne Brousseau-Félio, M.Ed.

  3. Thank you Dabbie and Roxanne,

    Actually I started painting after 30 whatever age. And I painted these when I was taking 2nd year painting class in fine art major. At that time, I was taking online class, and I did not even know how to achieve paint brush application, just I was learning from my teacher, class and my own struggle, so I am very happy to have the feedback and actually sold these.

    Note: I think what Roxanne mentioned about pencil and eraser on board, what it looks like an eraser, is actually a bar code tag on the board that I used for another painting.
    (does not really matter what though. lol)

    And another humor on this was that the book was about a trick art written by an illustrator, artist, Shigeo Fukuda (1932-2009)

    and I choose the book to utilized for my exercise for the tick art like a book on a board on an actual board (that I painted on). It is hard to tell by a web image, but Roxanne know what I mean by seeing actual painting. lol.

    Here is the actual book cover I painted from.
    Please check on this amazon book site. Thank you.

  4. Still life is a pleasure. Your work is very beautiful. The colors you have chosen make your work come alive. I feel peaceful looking at your work.
    Thanks for Following my blog! Maybe we can work together in finding new ways to help Japan.

  5. Thank you Rose,
    These works I have done on 2007, before even I know how to paint on canvas. I started painting after 30 something, and it was tough learning if I did not have a childhood experience. These I painted directly on wood, but to think back at the time, I feel easier than painting on canvas, which painting on any cloth absorb paint and need more and more layers.
    I still like to paint still life. I think it is my main theme in painting, and even photography.

    Yes, pretty soon, I will put up my "call" blog page, and post on IUOMA too! Thank you for your help. I wish I could go Tohoku, but I don't have money to go there and nor energy to do labor work.


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