Nov 3, 2010

Bookmark 手作りしおり

Here are few bookmarks. I will make more.
#1 Welcome to Chinatown Bookmark
18.9 by 8.9 cm, recycle paper, ribbon, snack package (in between the ribbon)

#2 Andy Warhol banana bookmark
18 by 9 cm 
I had it with the Andy Warhold bag, but the chain that came with was cut out and gone, so I just kept it, and I re-made it as a bookmark.
For the backside, plastic bag of French bread, design tape for covering the edge, Japanese paper as ribbon, sand medium (for acrylic painting) for the texture of the bookmark surface. 

#3 Slide mount bookmark
1 - wrapping paper, stamp, fishing string
2- ink jet photo print, (cur parts of my digital art that I used to print on postcard sized paper), ribbon from chocolate box. I am thinking to make the series (set) of this as many as cutting all the photo image. I was going to do more of these, but I did not have the time till Sunday. I will show it again, when I finish the other ones. 

Bookmark is another thing that I can keep on making as a part of my stationary art. But I will now go onto make some bigger project.

Here are more stuff.
A magnet, I was just experimenting a new epoxy glue, how it can show clearly. The result, it got some bubbles, and holes, and the small was strong when mixing two tubes. I will try another clear liquid that you recommended too.
Slide mount, I made another Noh apple image bookmark. I want to make as a set later on...

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