Dec 31, 2009

Painting Concept class works

Works from Painting Concept class

送信者 Painting Concept
Oil on canvas
40 by 30 cm, F6 canvas

送信者 Painting Concept
Acrylic on canvas
101 by 76 cm, F30 canvas

They painted from the same photograph of cosmos, but one is realism, and another is abstract exercise.

Gallery view (assuming)

送信者 Painting Concept

送信者 Painting Concept

New People, 2009
Oil on 2 Canvases
41 by 53 cm and 45 by 53.
Total length, 86 by 53 cm.

送信者 Artists Galicias Life

Hero At Amtrak Station, 2009
Acrylic on photographic print
84 by 59 cm.

送信者 Painting Concept

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