Jan 29, 2015

painting exchange form Boston

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painting exchange やることにしました。

      ↑ 昨日ボストンから到着した中身。
       Inside of the package kit

Create a painting, send it in, and get it swapped for another painting from a stranger! They might be from another city, country, or even another continent. Each match is custom made by our staff by looking at specific details about your submission.
This project has a rolling submission deadline, so send in your painting when you are ready, and we'll match you from the current pool of participants. Allow 6-8 weeks to get your match once you submit your work.
Kit Includes:
- A 4" x 4" x 1 3/8" canvas to use for your project submission.
- The official note card to fill out about yourself and write a note to your future Painting Pen Pal.
- The official rule card with guidelines, mailing instructions, all the info you'll need.
- The swap! Your work will be sent to your match, and you'll get theirs in return. Shipping is included for the painting being mailed back to you for the exchange!

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