Jan 17, 2015

12 Mandala 2015

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Ok I am finally done with 12 mandala that was assigned to do with the Facebook group page. 
I never thought to make mandala and it has been busy for some reasons so I was run out of the ideas at the end...

My kindergarden work...

Japanese New Year black beans.


back of my new in house sandals 

my bicycle wheel

My umbrella 

Japanese 7 herbs 

my new notebook with bird design cover with a colander.
irony of danger in nature 

My new notebook with pine cone design cover with a colander. 

DVD that I want to do things in this year!!
Stampland is my new friend from Chicago whom I met last year!! 

bottle top mandala
thinking to make art out of recycle materials...

found objects mandala
always finding things at a hill near my house...
thinking to paint close up still life out of found object

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