Dec 14, 2011

YOUnite Tour Gallery

Hello. I was invited for the project called, YOUnite Tour from Nomadic Project in the U.S. They saw my works in my artist's site.
The actual jury and tour will start from Jan. 2013 but it is the process of registration and showing on their online gallery till now so that people can see our works and decide to have exhibitions at individual or galleries spaces or whatever.
All artists will be invited from all around the world, one from each countries, and each states from the U.S. I was invited as a Japanese artist, I am representing Japan. (in a way... lol)

Here is the site.

Here are the works images appearing on the site. I am showing on here too. (^_^)

Watercolor on paper
Train Seats
Acrylic on canvas
Sleeping on a Roof
Collage on board

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