Jun 22, 2015

Researched about my unused art materials

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Researched and studied with youtube about my unused art materials to figure out how to use… 

I have a bootle of gum arabic left over and I am trying figure out what to use it for….

gum arabic can use for making reflection, make paint, correct mistake, binder.... 

DIY watercolor?! 

It must be a good idea to make your own watercolor from your kitchen stuff, but wonder which is more economical to buy paint of corn starch?

I also have left over of Linseed oil… I do not paint in oil anymore. 
But I still use oil pastel. Maybe I use it for pastel painting…
.... And then I found this video.
She uses Linseed Oil for making collage in her art journal. 
That’s inspired me.

Or whatever your furniture or wood craft, I can varnish with it…..

How she keeps talking along with the video is kind of artistic but funny at the same time. 
Documentaly movie touch. 

I also have some bees wax…. 
don’t know much about Encaustic 
What is it?

I may be able to mixed media card too… 

This is easy and kind instruction of mixed media collage with encaustic. 

I was not able to do good with silkscreen in online printmaking class, so I let the Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Kit aside for many years. I review the video again and that looks easy…
I guess I was just panicking while I was taking many art classes online and dealt with many assignments at that time... Right now I am able to be calm and takes time, I would be able to do it again…

Another video for silkscreen instruction using photo emusion kit, but this looks different product from what I have (speedball).

Also this is nice instruction site from ashley hackshow (aka lol blue boo)

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