Dec 20, 2012

My items sold on Saatchi Online 売れた作品

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My items sold on Saatchi Online.
A person who lives in Japan bought 6 of my works from the online. It is my first time that I sold on Saatchi. So first I need to do process of the US tax deduction by filling in the form. Lucky I have SSN# so I save 30% tax. I sold both 3 originals and 3 prints. I am sending my buyers.

1.Yosemite Deer
Art Original

2.Hommage to Weston
Art Original

3.Hero At Bart Station
Art Original
Print Art Sales: fulfilled by Saatchi Online and will appear on your sales dashboard once the collector has received them.

1.New People-Re upload
16×24 Canvas Print (White Canvas Wrap)

2.“Critical Mass”, 2008
14×21 Canvas Print (White Canvas Wrap)

3. Train Seats
16×20 Canvas Print (Black Canvas Wrap)

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