Jan 25, 2011

「祭」の本の修復 Japanese book restration

glue gunで取れかけのページをつけて、和紙とデジタルプリントと折り紙を木工用ボンドとスティック糊で貼ってカバーをつけ直しました。「祭」なので黄色の和紙を使ってみました。

I was asked to fix an old Japanese book. I used a glue gun to put almost torn up pages instantly (easier than sawing then again). I used a wood glue and sick glue and fixed the covers with digital prints, Japanese paper and origami , covering with thin washi from both sides. It is a book of Matsuri, a Japanese festival, so I used bright yellow washi paper for the cover. Make sense? (^_~)

Front Cover


Back cover

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