Jun 29, 2015

about Gay Parade Observer painting

オーストラリアの me and galley で展示していた、Gay Parade Observer という作品、展示終わり、寄付させていただくことになりました。もしお近くにお寄りの方はまた目にすることができるかも知れません。
I decided to donate my work Gay Parade Observer to Me and Art gallery in Australia Sydney, the show was over 2 weeks ago. It you have a chance, maybe you can see it there...

Jun 28, 2015

stamp making challenge day 1

Rubber stamp making challenge 
Day 1 

I just  myself to practice making rubber stamps, no numbers but as many as I can... 

Today I practiced making wine glases. 
yin ann yang ways 
having a hard time getting straight lines, but I hope to get better when I practice more. 

Jun 27, 2015

#SBPprocess page 3-4

#SBPprocess #sketchbookproject2016 
page 3-4 
Fort Mason #SF 

Jun 26, 2015

#SBPprocess page 1, 2

page 1, 2 
San Francisco SomArts 

Jun 23, 2015


A group show at me and art cafe and gallery in Australia was over last weekend. I was hanging for 2 months but I didn't sell work... Now they are ready to sending back... 

me and art gallery cafe gallery でのオーストラリアのグループ展終わりました。

Jun 22, 2015

Researched about my unused art materials

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Researched and studied with youtube about my unused art materials to figure out how to use… 

I have a bootle of gum arabic left over and I am trying figure out what to use it for….

gum arabic can use for making reflection, make paint, correct mistake, binder.... 

DIY watercolor?! 

It must be a good idea to make your own watercolor from your kitchen stuff, but wonder which is more economical to buy paint of corn starch?

I also have left over of Linseed oil… I do not paint in oil anymore. 
But I still use oil pastel. Maybe I use it for pastel painting…
.... And then I found this video.
She uses Linseed Oil for making collage in her art journal. 
That’s inspired me.

Or whatever your furniture or wood craft, I can varnish with it…..

How she keeps talking along with the video is kind of artistic but funny at the same time. 
Documentaly movie touch. 

I also have some bees wax…. 
don’t know much about Encaustic 
What is it?

I may be able to mixed media card too… 

This is easy and kind instruction of mixed media collage with encaustic. 

I was not able to do good with silkscreen in online printmaking class, so I let the Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Kit aside for many years. I review the video again and that looks easy…
I guess I was just panicking while I was taking many art classes online and dealt with many assignments at that time... Right now I am able to be calm and takes time, I would be able to do it again…

Another video for silkscreen instruction using photo emusion kit, but this looks different product from what I have (speedball).

Also this is nice instruction site from ashley hackshow (aka lol blue boo)

pastel cleaning tip パステルの埃とる裏技⁈

it may be kind of common to art conscious people. But do you have any pastel that broken and dusty? I do... 
I read from some pastel books that rice is good to clean them so I tried.


First, put a 3 one hand rice in a container... 

Dump dusty chalks or pastels... 

Simply stirring around with brush top and rub them with a hard brush on the surfaces. .... and ta da! 


Jun 15, 2015

medium transfer experimentation

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medium transfer experimentation

Jun 4, 2015

sketchbook project digitized version published!!

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‪#‎sketchbookproject‬ Brooklyn Library 15' 
just found that it was digitized !!

You can see the sketchbook digitally and the library information.

“Reunited with Arty San Francisco”

  • Library Call Number: 246.9-4

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